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Chevy/GMC Fuel Systems
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PPE Dual Fueler Kit 2002-2004 LB7 GM
PPE Dual Fueler Kit 2002-2004 LB7 GM

Price: $2,399.99 / Each


Provides additional horsepower and fuel pressure
Easy bolt on installation

Application: 2001-2010 Duramax LB7, LLY, LBZ and LMM diesel engines
Product Description:

Beginning with the introduction of the LB7 engine in 2001, General Motors began using the Bosch Common Rail direct injection system for the Duramax diesel engine family of large trucks. Now, Pacific Performance Engineering offers the Dual Fueler Kit. Driven by a second Bosch CP3 fuel pump, belt pulley and controlled by a sophisticated microprocessor module this kit offers twice as much pumping capacity and increases fuel pressure and horsepower.
Adding a belt driven CP3 Pump Kit to your stock fuel system reduces drive load on the internal gear driven CP3 pump, increasing pump reliability. Both pumps work together, each delivering half the total volume of fuel required, effectively sharing the fuel delivery load. In the event of a pump failure, PPE’s electronic controller will automatically switch full fuel delivery to the other remaining functional pump. The Dual Fueler Kit will not produce more fuel pressure than the ECU requests; it will only increase fuel volume. If the tuning is modified, or a Duramaximizer is also used, the fuel pressure can be increased over factory pressure resulting in additional horsepower and torque. The Dual Fueler Kit provides seamless and consistent fuel flow for large injectors and high level tune programs that demand a high volume of fuel and optimal fuel pressure at the injectors. The size of the PPE pulley is determined so the second belt driven PPE pump runs at the same exact speed as the factory gear driven pump to eliminate high rpm cavitation, and have uniform flow output from each pump. Supports race modified installations that will produce up to 1200 HP and 28,000+ PSI!

The Dual Fueler Kit is also available without second pump.
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